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  • There’s Always An Advantage To Experience

    Some people have the gift. They can look at a property and see what the issues are, and then they can know whether the issue is walk-away from this property serious or just a minor inconvenience.

    Imagine you had seen an older property where there was a definite lean to one side sufficiently serious enough that the house was propped up on one side.

    The work to ensure that it was propped up was extensive and seemed to be competently done. You also love the house, but, would you buy it? This is where an agent might come in.

    When you're looking for homes for sale boston ma the purchase is such a big deal you need more to go on than just your gut feeling.

    Agents have to be fairly careful, they are bound by a state code of ethics, they must put your needs before their own, and must make full disclosure about the property. So, in our example above, they would be obliged to tell you honestly about the supports. If they'd been there for 50 years and there had been no further slippage, you might consider buying it, right?

    Understanding the market

    Here's where the real value starts to come in. They know the market, they have seen what is selling in the area. They will know if a house is overpriced. They will know if a house is underpriced as well as the reasons why. If the seller is motivated to sell in a hurry a lower price might not mean the house has problems. (Don't forget though a realtor working for the seller is also ethically bound to get the best price for their clients too.)

    homes for sale boston ma

    Unless you're really confident about your house buying prowess, it might be worth a realtor.

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