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  • Buying A Home For The First Time

    When my company told me that they were giving me a raise and moving me to Oakville, I was initially extremely excited.  I was going to be able to make enough money to finally buy my own home.  Of course, seeing as how I had never bought a house before, I was a bit concerned as to the entire process, and I wanted to make sure that I would get approved for a loan and get a home that I could enjoy for years to come.  Because of this, I began looking for a realtor who specialized in working with first time home buyers oakville, as they would be able to explain the entire ins and outs of the process to me, while also helping me to find the home of my dreams.

    first time home buyers oakville

    The realtor I found was extremely helpful.  She walked me through every step of the process, and was willing to show me multiple homes in the area in different neighborhoods.  Because I am raising a family, finding a neighborhood that would be safe was one of my top priorities.  My realtor did not simply show me different homes in different neighborhoods, but she even took me on quick tours of the neighborhoods so that I could get a good feel for the area.  All of this was extremely helpful in allowing me to make my final decision, and so I am definitely glad that we found this realtor.

    When all was said and done, we found the perfect home for our family.  Not only is a large, two story house, but it is also in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town, so I do not need to worry about my kids playing in the neighborhood.  Overall, it was a great experience.

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